Connecting with the Culture of Accra Webinar!

Leaving a familiar environment is exciting but it can also feel stressful. It is okay to have these very different emotions as you prepare to live in a new city!

To help you prepare for the culture shift you may experience as you transition from one city to another, please watch the NYU Accra webinar (approximately 10 minutes). The information will introduce you to some cultural norms and values of Ghana and help familiarize you with your new home.


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Pre-departure Survey

NYU’s Office of Global Programs strives to provide students with the best possible experiences and services as they prepare to go away, and we would like your feedback to know how we are doing and where we can improve.  Next week we will be sending you a link to a pre-departure survey.  Please take a few minutes (really, it will only take a few minutes!) and complete. Your answers are anonymous and will help us as we prepare for future semesters.

Thanks so much for your assistance!

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Arrival Cheat Sheet & Important Info from Accra Staff

Dear Fall 2013 Students,

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Accra this weekend! Please note that members of the NYU-Accra staff will be at the airport to meet you in the “Meeter’s/Greeter’s” Lounge at the Kotoka International Airport starting at 7am on August 18. More detailed information about your arrival can be found in this Arrival Cheat Sheet. Please read it carefully, leave a copy with your parents and pack a copy (it has important contact information you will want to have handy).

Staff will be wearing NYU shirts and carrying NYU ACCRA signs. If there are students who plan to arrive earlier or need directions to the NYU-Accra residential facilities, please contact Christa Sanders, Associate Director at or cell 233-243-101214, or Marian Ansa-Otu, Student Life Coordinator at or cell 233-243-150011.

Students arriving earlier than Sunday, August 18, 2013 would be responsible for their ground transportation and hotel reservation.

Safe travels and see you shortly in Accra!

Dedication of Supplies

There will be dedication of supplies through out the semester as we go on trips. These supplies will be dedicated to the less privileged in the communities to be visited. You are encouraged to bring used clothing, pencils, pens, candies, books and other items for this purpose.

Last Minute Details

NYU-Accra is looking forward to welcoming you all to Accra in just a few days!

We are very excited!

Please take note of the following announcements, which should cover the last minute questions most of you have been asking:

1. As stated in the Arrival Cheat Sheet, staff will be at the airport to meet you.

2. Remember to bring along a towel. You will not be provided with those. Bed linen is provided but you may bring along extra for your own convenience.

3. The voltage on appliances in Ghana is 220V. An adapter will be very useful. You can purchase an convertor if you need one.

4. Wireless Internet service is provided in both dorms and academic centre. There are ethernet sockets for you to plug in as well.

5. Community Service/Internship placements will be done when you arrive.

6. It’s the rainy season so please bring along an umbrella and/or raincoat and rubber shoes

7. Mailing address for NYU-Accra:

Use this address if you are using a courier service e.g. UPS, DHL, FEDEX etc

No. 8, 3rd Norla Street
North Labone, Accra

When Using US Postal Service use this address:

Cantonments, Accra

I suppose this is all for now…? Contact us at if you have any more questions or concerns.

See you shortly!!!

NYU-Accra Staff

Norla Street

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Pre-departure Checklist

You’ll be on a plane before you know it.  Take a minute to look through this final checklist to make sure that all of your bases are covered –

  • Get your student visa – you should have applied by now! If you have not or have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at

  • Register for 12 – 18 credits; this does not include any waitlisted courses

  • Pay your NYU e-Bill

  • Register for HTH and print out the confirmation card

  • Register with the Moses Center if applicable

  • Submit Medical Forms to the Health Center

  • Submit your Flight Details to NYUTraveler

  • Notify your bank and credit cards that you will be abroad

  • NYU Students: Bring your NYU ID!

  • Make sure you have a VISA debit card (not MasterCard – it is not accepted in many places in Accra)

  • Have all medications you may need for the full term (including malaria medication) & Bring a copy of prescriptions (medication, eyeglasses, etc.) and carry it with you in your carry on

  • Make photocopies of your passport/visa, yellow fever vaccination card, ID, cards (bank, credit card) and print out your admissions letter from NYU Accra (emailed to you from OGS). Leave one copy of this packet with your parents and bring a set with you in your carry-on, including originals

  • Print and review the arrival information; carry a copy in your carry on and leave a copy with your parents

  • Bring your flight confirmation print-out to the airport

  • Check the luggage restrictions for your airline before you pack

  • Have some cash on hand to get you through the first few days (you can exchange at the airport if needed)

  • Pack a carry on with all important paperwork, phone numbers, medications, and a change of clothes in case your luggage arrives late

  • Register with the U.S. State Department through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Programs (STEP)

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Important Billing Deadlines

Yesterday, August 7 – bill due date for fall semester. Any scholarships you have received should now appear on your bill as “anticipated aid”. Remember, you should settle your bill less the amount of any scholarships or financial aid you will receive.

August 15 – Round I of de-enrollment from classes for students with outstanding balances. Please make sure you have settled your bill by this date to ensure you don’t lose your classes!

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NYU ID Card Info

All students will need their NYU ID cards while in Accra.

NYU students: You must bring your NYU ID card with you.

Visiting students: you will receive an NYU ID card once you arrive.

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Info about Ghana’s Non-Citizen ID card

When you arrive in Ghana, the site staff will assist you with securing a non-citizen ID card, required of all foreign nationals staying in Ghana for over 90 days. Please note that the cost to register is $120 and budget accordingly.

More information about the ID registration process can be found here, but again the site staff will help you register after your arrival – so don’t worry too much about the details!

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